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collage of photographs of Elisa

I graduated from Textile Crafts (BA Hons) at Huddersfield University July 2012, where I learned lots of techniques that I have applied to my jewellery making.

In September 2012 I opened an art & craft shop/studio space, Crafty Praxis where I sold my own jewellery along side arts and crafts from around 100 different artists and designers. I sold Crafty Praxis in 2017 but still make jewellery from my home-studio which I sell in a number of local shops, and run workshops with community groups and at events.

I have been making jewellery for years, because I wanted to buy more jewellery than I could afford! I started trading in 2009, between my first and second years at University. I was particularly inspired after a crochet workshop and I decided that I could combine the techniques that I had learned and those I already had to create bracelets. Once I had perfected the bracelets I began creating other types of jewellery including earrings, necklaces, chokers and more complicated patterns for brooches. I have now branched off into different kinds of jewellery using inspiration and techniques learned on my degree course among others. I like to use a range of materials and techniques and am passionate about using unusual materials to make my jewellery stand out.

As well as my many different jewellery collections, I am also open to taking commissions, if you would like to discuss a commission, please contact me or see my commissions section to see previous commissions I have undertaken.

I am available to run workshops on both basic jewellery making techniques and more advanced workshops with crochet techniques, for more information please contact me.

In more recent years I’ve branched out and am now an illustrator with a range of biro pet portraits which is growing all the time! I also have a range of die cut greetings cards which are my latest line of products. More of my creations and select jewellery pieces can be found on my Etsy page.

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